iNTERNET TURBO Toolbar 6.9

The iNTERNET TURBO Toolbar is a tool for internet browsers
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The iNTERNET TURBO Toolbar is a tool for Internet browsers. It is available for the most common browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It has a good number of preset apps and a very stylish design. It is designed to make the Internet browsing experience much easier.

During the installation process it tries to set a custom homepage, but you can decline it rather easily. It features a good search engine which can be set to search in specific areas like videos, images or news and many other things. Another nice feature is that it has an online radio, which comes with many preset stations and works smoothly and rarely lags. A really nice thing about the radio app is that you can add stations. It has a search feature where you just write what genre you're interested in, and a list pops up with a lot of online stations.

The toolbar also has a weather and an e-mail notifier. The weather app can be set to show the weather of any location on the planet. The e-mail notifier is very easy to use, you just need to input your e-mail and the password, and each time you'll receive a new mail, a small notification will appear.

It also has social network apps like Facebook and Twitter, and also some other custom ones. For example there is an app which can test your Internet bandwidth speed. If you don't like the apps which appear on the toolbar, they can be easily deactivated. Also if you want more, you can go to to the app marketplace and get as many as you wish.

iNTERNET TURBO Toolbar can ultimately meet any user's expectations.

Dennis Niels
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  • Nice design
  • Easy to use
  • A good number of preset apps


  • Tries to set a custom homepage during the installation process
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